This is a story—of land and plants, of mushroom and skyline, of bushwhacking through the woods to find a rare orchid, and pulling off the road suddenly to gather cottonwood buds where the branches hang low over the creek bed. It is a story of wildflowers and moss forests, ridge tops and trails through the bog. It is medicine story, a step into the world of region-specific herbalism, and a journey through the seasons of both where I live and how I live in the wild and common place I call my home.

A Wild & Common Place is a seasonal apothecary share that comes to you in the mail (or at a local pick-up)—a box of hand-crafted gifts made from the season’s abundance, and an herbal exploration of land, cultivating a personal and collaborative relationship to it. In each box comes seasonally-specific herbal medicines crafted from the fields and forest of the land around where I live, along with writing and art that shows the deeper story of where those medicines come from. Plant information, herbal guides & drawings, relics from the land & a personal letter telling you the season’s story—this is more than just a box of products. Much like my letter project ‘The Bones We Collect,’ A Wild & Common Place weaves botanical information with personal reflection, digging deeper into the land around us and into the tradition of herbal medicine. Your box will include a variety of herbal concoctions from teas, tinctures and syrups, to salves, creams, and oxymels, soup mixes, spice blends, infused vinegars, & elixirs along with descriptions of their purpose and how best to use them. This will both be an experiential and educational exploration into the plant world that involves all the senses, a beautiful gift from me and the plants to you.

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For $285 you will receive 4 boxes in your mailbox: SPRING ~ SUMMER ~ FALL ~ WINTER. You can also simply purchase one box at a time for $80. This includes shipping! (For local pick-ups the box will simply be more plentiful! Email me after your purchase if you want to pick up your boxes locally)

Approximate dates of shipment: Spring- May 21st, Summer- August 6th, Fall- October 15th, Winter- December 17th

WHY PURCHASE IN ADVANCE? This helps me to be prepared and have more freedom to create and concoct just for you. Much like with a CSA, you entrust me to use my expertise to craft a beautiful variety of remedies that allow you to explore and taste many different things & learn many different plant medicines. With each changing season we have different physical needs that unfold alongside the blooms and growth of the ecosystem around us. This share weaves the two together, honing in on the essential medicines of the season.


This box is for you if:

you are just beginning your herbal journey and want to LEARN and taste different things

you are an herbalist in a different region and you want to have some medicines arrive to you from a different bioregion and to hear the perspective of another plant person afar

you live nearby me and want to learn more about the place where you reside and the plants of your backyard from someone with a lot of knowledge, experience, and love for the land

you are a group of friends and want a box and an experience to share together

you want to decide what things you like but you don’t know yet where to start

you love the written word and poetic tales of place and ecology

you don’t just want bottles pulled off a shelf for you but want more of an experience with your medicines

you want to buy products that come with information & artwork

you think my story & my perspective is interesting and you want to hear more and go deeper into my work

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