give what you can, receive what you need

Open Sky Herb Clinic, the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at the Good Fight Herb Co. shop: 253 1/2 Warren Street, Hudson NY

A unique herbal healthcare service offering full spectrum health consultations and custom herbal formulas with a clinical herbalist. As a client, together we will assess your health issues, establish goals, and come up with a custom plan and herbal formula made to address your concerns and fit your constitution, unique health expressions, and lifestyle.

As a general herbal practitioner, I offer support for both acute ailments and long-term chronic illnesses, working with herbal medicine and other holistic health-focused suggestions to offer a framework that puts your health back into your own hands. I will work with you through the process of isolating your heath disruptions and finding herbs to support these issues.

An initial consultation lasts about 1 hour (though sometimes a little longer, so be prepared for that possibility). Sessions work on a sliding scale cost basis: $75-$175. Included in this price is: the consultation, a 4 oz custom formula blend from my apothecary, and an in-depth google doc write-up with all we discussed and further suggestions. This is quite a price range and quite a full service, but I want my work and care to be as accessible as possible.

No one is ever turned away. I also offer a lower price point range for lower income people and a “pay what you can”/trade option for special situations. Be in touch and we can discuss these alternatives!

To book a consultation e-mail hannah at (If these times/place don’t work, email me anyway and we can work out something that fits!)

As a general herbalist I work with a whole manner of issues: anxiety, depression, female and male reproductive health, digestion, trans health and hormone therapy, addiction, skeletal muscle injuries, autoimmune disorders, and any and all acute ailments—colds and flus, soft tissue injuries, allergies. My hope is to create a setting and a relationship that encourages and empowers each client to understand how to incorporate herbal medicine into their long-term well-being and navigate their own healthcare.

I do my consultations one-on-one, in private, and mostly in person, but I also do many over the phone or by Skype. This is always an option!

Re-fills: $10/oz after consultation and available without a follow-up. Plus a $5 shipping fee for far away friends :)

Follow-ups: recommended every 4-5 weeks and are shorter and run at a lower rate $30-60.

I am not a licensed healthcare practitioner, doctor or nurse, and I do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe. This practice does not take the place of the allopathic/western healthcare system, rather I see it like I am a healthcare “doula” of sorts, a companion/collaborator/helping hand on your journey to health and through the multifaceted world of plant medicine. What I will do is listen, support, and assist you in elucidating current health concerns and in achieving your health goals. With herbs!

The Philosophy:

Herbalism is one of the oldest forms of medicine in our country, and is still, world-wide, the most practiced form of healthcare. In many ways, using herbs and seeing an herbalist connects you to these past traditions while also connecting you more closely with your own body and to the earth and ecosystem around you. We live in a culture where healthcare is both expensive and objectifying, where most often people don't feel heard or asked questions or like they are an active participant in their experience of healing. The goal with my practice is to educate and enable you to regain your personal health autonomy, to find out what YOU think and how YOU are feeling. It is not a replacement of doctors and hospitals and western medicine, which have an integral place and serve many people very well. But it offers an alternative for preventative and supportive care, to help you maintain and enhance your own sense of wellness. The goal is to restore connection and balance in the body and herbs are a safe and affordable (!) way to work with your health.

To schedule a consultation e-mail me (hannah) at or call at 404 542 343