Education is at the heart of what I do! I believe fully in facilitating people’s engagement with the plant world, helping others cultivate ecological awareness and learn how to take health into their own hands.

I offer a Monthly Plant Walk Series at varying locations around the Hudson Valley. This month: Thursday May 24th at the New Forge State Forest in Taghkanic, NY from 6-7pm. These walks are easy and casual, $5-15 suggested donation, a fun way to get outside and connect with the plant world. Email for directions if you need them!

Picnic table prep for a week of teaching at the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine and the Firefly Gathering, North Carolina summer 2016

Picnic table prep for a week of teaching at the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine and the Firefly Gathering, North Carolina summer 2016

October 2018 Fall Tree Walk attendees basking in the autumnal light

October 2018 Fall Tree Walk attendees basking in the autumnal light



Medicines from the Earth II: Forage & Feast at Black Sheep Hill in Pine Plains, NY. Sunday June 2nd, 3-6:30pm. Come explore the wild edibles of spring time, we’ll walk the land, identify and gather common edible field and forest plants (hopefully some mushrooms too) and then together make and enjoy a wild meal from our bounty! This is the second in my Medicines from the Earth Series, a great follow-up for those who came to the Medicines from the Trees course to see the land and plants as the seasons unfold. Cost: $45 Sign up here.

HERBS FOR THE ACTIVE: athletes, farmers, parents, protestors, hikers, loggers, dancers, runners, skaters, weight lifters, love-makers, musical equipment lifters, top-shelf restockers, synchronized swimmers--anyone and everyone who uses their body! We'll talk about herbs for harnessing and maintaining our energy and our bodies to do what we do and keep on doing it. We'll talk about preventing injury, treating injury, recovering from the physical and mental stresses of work, keeping up our immunity, and rebuilding our energy reserves. A fun fusion of a little first aid, a little chronic care, from plants that are pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory to deep tissue tonics and body-balancing adaptogens. Thursday June 20th 7-8:30pm at the Good Fight Herb Co. store in Hudson, NY.

Cost: sliding scale $25-40. To sign up email goodfightherbco@gmail.com


Medicines from the Earth: Trees at Black Sheep Hill, Pine Plains, NY: Saturday March 30th 1-5pm

The first in a series of classes honouring seasonal abundance, this class will be centred around the incredible plant giants, the ever-healing medicine kings: the trees. We’ll meet at the entrance to the property of Black Sheep Hill Farm in Pine Plains NY, walk the land, winter identify trees and talk about some of their healing properties. We’ll discuss the resin-rich evergreens of course, but also a whole variety of tree medicines: birches, black cherries, poplars, willows, and a few more gems hidden in the woods on this dynamic property. As this late winter courting early spring time is the time of tree medicine, we’ll also gather some of their offerings, discuss good gathering practices, and then end by the fire to make a little medicine together that can be taken home with you. And hopefully there will be some maple syrup still boiling down for us to drink :)

Herbs for Mental Health at Good Fight Herb Co., Hudson, NY: Thursday November 29th 2018 6-7:30pm

class description: as we enter the darker cold months, mental health is a common and significant health concern. In this class we’ll discuss some important plant medicines for assisting with ailments of the heart and mind—seasonal and long-term depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, grief, trauma. We’ll talk about self-care and healer/practitioner approaches to treating conditions of the nervous system alternatively and holistically and taste some of these herbal allies in our plant-based care system that help lift the spirit and ease the mind. RSVP to goodfightherbco@gmail.com $25-40 sliding scale

Fall Tree Walk at Tivoli Bays, Tivoli, NY: Sunday October 21st 2018 10am

Come learn about trees while the forest is bright with color! We’ll talk about leaf and winter bud identification and explore the dynamic landscape of the Tivoli Bays forest from low riparian zone to dry high ridge to open sunny field. There will be donuts! RSVP to foliagebotanics@gmail.com $5-10 sliding scale

Boreal Forest + Bog Ecology Walk, Mount Everett State Reservation: Sunday June 3rd 9:30am FREE